The 2021 Management Trainee Exchange Symposium was successfully held

In order to fully implement the company's talent development and training strategy for management trainees, provide guidance for management trainees after they join the company, and at the same time, in order to allow management trainees to fully understand the company's corporate culture and development history, promote the management training of the parent company and subsidiaries In order to communicate and exchange with students, the Human Resources Department organized a two-day interactive exchange and learning activity for management trainees on August 5th and 6th.

Mr. Yang, Director of the Human Resources Administration Office of Boshuo Technology, Mr. Ouyang, Section Chief of the Human Resources Department, 34 management trainees from the 21st session and Mr. Ou, General Manager of Panfeng Precision, Mr. Lu, Operations Director, Section Chief Kong from the Human Resources Department, 10 from the 21st session Management trainees participated in this exchange meeting.


Senior executives will help you integrate into the workplace

How to help management trainees integrate into the company quickly? How to quickly understand the company's corporate culture? The Human Resources Department invited executive mentors Mr. Yang, Mr. Ou, and Mr. Lu to help the management trainees integrate into the company and experience the corporate culture.

During the exchange, Mr. Yang, Director of the Human Resources Administration Office of Boshuo Technology, told everyone about the company’s development history, and also shared his workplace experience with the management trainees, allowing the management trainees to deeply understand "choice and persistence" meaning. Provide inspiration and guidance around the problems existing in management trainees' current work and life, and also encourage management trainees to set work goals, clarify the direction of efforts, and be strict with themselves.

Mr. Lu, Operations Director of Panfeng Precision, introduced the development history and main products of Panfeng Precision to help management trainees understand and trace the business background. At the same time, I tell the management trainees that in life and work, action is important and persistence is important. Persistence is a kind of perseverance; while you are high-spirited in good times, you should also face difficulties calmly.

In this exchange meeting, Mr. Ou, general manager of Panfeng Precision, put forward four suggestions and expectations on how management trainees can quickly adapt to corporate culture and work after entering the company:

1) Study, summarize, practice and understand the company's corporate culture. Since you have chosen the company as a big platform, you must find the right position in it, hone your will, and cultivate goal awareness and team awareness;

2) Eliminate distractions, concentrate on work, take every step in a down-to-earth manner, set high standards and strict requirements for yourself from the inside out, and work hard to achieve your goals;

3) Be able to output after mastering the system and work process proficiently, and make more rational suggestions based on learning;

4) Cultivate noble personality and emotional intelligence, be kind to others, be united and friendly, dare to take responsibility and take the initiative, and be full of energy and constantly pursue excellence.


Go deep into the company’s business “on the ground”

If you want to better understand the company's business, you must not only learn from history, but also go to the front line of the business. Just hearing stories is not enough.

After the exchange meeting, the management trainees went to the field to observe the front line of the workshop and actively communicated with the workshop supervisors and front-line personnel of the parent and subsidiary companies to gain an in-depth understanding of the current status of the parent and subsidiary companies from aspects such as product manufacturing processes and core competitiveness. Development status and opportunities and challenges faced.


Think, output, share gains

At the exchange meeting, management trainees shared their work, life and other aspects. The management trainees spoke freely, from school study experience to corporate work practice experience, from company colleagues to family relatives and friends, from successes to setbacks and failures, each period will bring different challenges and growth. Through reviewing and summarizing the staged work since joining the company, they have a clearer understanding of their next work and a clearer self-positioning.

"Growth is a baptism of empathy, and transformation is a phoenix nirvana." This sharing and exchange meeting allowed us to have a deeper understanding of the growth dynamics of the management trainees, and also promoted the relationship between the parent and subsidiary management trainees. interaction between.

The training of management trainees has always been an important part of the company's talent planning. The company has always placed human resources in an important position, and the company will continue to optimize the training plan of the talent team.

In the future, under the strategic background of Boshuo Technology vigorously implementing talent development and talent training, it will surely build a platform for each management trainee to communicate with each other and help each management trainee sublimate his or her personality in the continuous advancement. I believe Every management trainee can find his or her place on the large platform of Boshuo Technology, move forward more quickly and efficiently, and realize his or her own value.