About us

BSC Technology

Established in 2016, BSC Technology was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2021 (referred to as BSC Technology, stock code: 300951).

The company has developed rapidly with two main product lines of precision functional parts and intelligent automation equipment, and is deeply involved in industries of consumer electronics, automobiles, new energy, smart home and WITMED. It is a high-quality partner for well-known terminal brand customers at home and abroad.

Business Distribution

South China:Shenzhen Boshuo Technology Industrial Park and Panfeng Precision Industrial Park

Southwest China: Chengdu Boshuo Industrial Park

Central China: Zhengzhou Boshuo Industrial Park and Zhengzhou Panfeng Industrial Park

Southeast Asia: Vietnam Boshuo Industrial Park

Office: Both Hong Kong and California have offices

BSC Subsidiaries