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● Large-scale production capacity

BSC Technology focuses on providing customers with overall development and manufacturing solutions and one-stop services. It has more than 160 injection molding machines, some of which are located in Class 1,000 clean rooms and adopts a fully automated central feeding system. It has nearly 180 die-cutting equipment and is one of the largest die-cutting manufacturers in China. It has nearly 150 automation equipment. It is one of the largest automation equipment manufacturers in South China and is fully used in precision assembly products to enhance product competitiveness.

● International industrial layout

The company is headquartered in Shenzhen BSC Industrial Park, and has established production bases and offices in central China, North China, Southwest China, India, Vietnam, the United States and other places. The company's business focuses on consumer electronics such as smartphones and smart wearable devices, as well as application fields such as smart home, new energy & automotive electronics, and medical care. It has established good cooperative relationships with world-renowned terminal brands, manufacturing service providers, and component manufacturers.

● High-quality core talent team

The company attaches great importance to R&D innovation and continues to increase R&D investment. The annual R&D expenses invested are no less than 6% of total revenue. The R&D team has nearly 280 engineers, more than 70% of whom have a bachelor's degree or above; more than 300 technical staff with no less than three years of industry experience; and nearly 300 patents, 113 of which are invention patents.

● Innovative smart technology services

The company adheres to the core values ​​of "passion and efficiency, pragmatism and integrity, humility and responsibility, and innovative leadership". Through innovative integrated design and manufacturing services, the company is committed to becoming a global innovative solution provider and providing quality services to global customers.

Products We Serve

Consumer electronics

Smartphones, smart wearables, ultrabooks, tablets, etc.

Smart home

Smart surveillance, smart cameras, smart speakers, etc.

New energy

New energy & automobiles, power batteries, smart cockpits, etc.


Head-mounted health monitoring equipment, smart wearable AI chronic disease management equipment, etc.