BSC Technology-Baolong New Factory Opening Ceremony Held Successfully

Innovate and break through to create the future intelligently. On the morning of October 15, 2021, the new Baolong factory of Shenzhen Boshuo Technology Co., Ltd., located in the Skyworth Maker World Technology City Park in Longgang District, held an opening ceremony and was officially put into operation. After being put into production, Boshuo Technology's order carrying capacity and service capabilities have improved, adding new highlights to Boshuo Technology's becoming a first-class intelligent manufacturing and service company, and further promoting the rapid development of Boshuo Technology.

The opening of the Baolong factory is another milestone in the development history of Boshuo Technology. To celebrate the start of a new journey, more than 20 people, including Chairman Xu Dong, General Manager of Boshuo Technology, and middle and senior management cadres, attended the opening ceremony. , where they share joy, win the future together, and spend a good time together.

    Chairman Xu Dong of Boshuo Technology announced the official opening of the Baolong factory and delivered a speech. He first expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the heads of various departments for their arrival. He said that the new factory occupies a large area, the construction time is short, it was completed and put into operation quickly, and the manufacturing level is advanced. It is because all departments take the initiative to take the mission to heart, shoulder the responsibility, and use hard work and sweat to witness Bao’s success. The construction and operation of Long Factory has witnessed every step of the company's growth.

Director Xu pointed out that under the leadership of the management and the unremitting efforts of all departments, the company has continued to grow and its status and influence in the industry and society have steadily increased. The company has experienced development and has crossed different new nodes. From entering the capital market to the operation and commissioning of new factories, it is an important step and milestone in the company's implementation of global layout, expansion of scale, and pursuit of becoming a first-class intelligent manufacturing and service company. In the company's development history A new page has been turned, which will open up a new situation for the company's efficient development. Finally, I sincerely wish all employees a happy family and good health. I also hope that all employees can grow their talents and careers at Boshuo Technology and build a better future with the company.

During the opening ceremony, Mr. Shi, General Manager of Boshuo Technology, led a team to visit the new factory with colleagues who came to attend the celebration.

After visiting the new factory, Director Xu and his party came to the conference room of the new factory, where Mr. Shi, general manager of Boshuo Technology, delivered a speech. He said that Boshuo Technology has developed to the present and has multiple subsidiaries. The company has continued to expand and the total number of employees has continued to increase. In order to meet the expanding market demand, new production bases have been added. The annual production capacity of the new factory has rapidly increased on the original basis. increase.

Mr. Shi said that in recent years, Boshuo Technology has promoted the company's continuous development with high-quality products and excellent innovation capabilities, and contributed to the development of the manufacturing industry with continuously improved management capabilities, product quality, and high-quality services. The company will always adhere to the quality policy of zero defect quality, no delay in delivery, and 100% service, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the company's business goals. It will lead all employees to continuously innovate and make breakthroughs to create a smart future. Finally, Mr. Shi said that today is the opening ceremony of Baolong’s new factory, and all department heads should open their minds and actively interact and communicate.

During the exchange process, the heads of various departments freely shared their experiences and opinions on the management of the new factory. Faced with the realization of intelligent manufacturing, the company's future development direction, and coping with market opportunities and challenges, the supervisors had lively discussions on site, and their enthusiasm lingered for a long time.

Finally, Director Xu expressed his hope that the heads of various departments of the company can improve their management capabilities, change their way of thinking, and at the same time not forget their original aspirations, and use new and advanced management technologies on a new journey and starting point to enable the new factory and even the company to achieve cost and quality step by step. , delivery date, personnel management and other aspects of overall improvement.

    Under the leadership of the company's leaders, all employees of Boshuo Technology adhere to their dreams and never lack the enthusiasm for struggle. They have faith in their hearts and a direction ahead. Looking back on the past, we are full of emotions, and looking forward to the future, we have a long way to go. I believe that all the staff of Boshuo Technology will ride on the mighty east wind of the new era, take the establishment of Baolong's new factory as a new starting point, start from the present, and always maintain an innocent heart and a spirit of struggle. Always maintain a sincere heart, work hand in hand, and strive unremittingly to become a first-class intelligent manufacturing and service company.