The employee birthday party in the third quarter of 2021 was successfully held

Spring flowers and autumn fruits are known by one leaf

In this season of rotation

Boshuo Technology 2021 Third Quarter Employee Birthday Party

Arrived as expected

Laughter and blessings fill the hearts of every employee of Boshuo Technology

tightly connected together

Birthdays have a unique meaning to everyone. Everyone hopes to receive blessings from family and friends on their birthday. In order to thank employees for their hard work and efforts, enrich their spiritual and cultural life, enhance their sense of belonging and collective honor, and at the same time let employees truly feel the warmth of the big family of Boshuo Technology, Boshuo Technology holds birthdays for employees every quarter. meeting.

At 11:30 on September 30, as the birthday guests took their seats one after another, the third quarter employee birthday party of Boshuo Technology officially began. The host first extended sincere birthday wishes to the birthday guests present, allowing the employees to feel that Boshuo Technology Technology is meticulous and humanistic care is everywhere.

In the vast sea of ​​people

Everyone met and got together because of work

Become a member of the Boshuo Technology family

There is no shortage of warmth, tenderness and love here

Delicious cake, sincere wishes

Warm smile, kind birthday song

The birthday stars laughed and gathered together to celebrate their birthdays together

Accompany each other to grow

Win-win and create a better future

There are laughter, touching, surprises, and gains. Every wonderful moment is enough to be deeply remembered, and every warm moment is enough to be cherished!

"People-oriented" is Boshuo Technology's corporate policy and the core of corporate culture. Employee birthday parties are an important part of corporate cultural activities. Holding quarterly birthday parties for employees can not only increase employees' collective sense of belonging, but also allow employees to get to know each other deeply, deepen relationships and enhance team cohesion.

Always be happy every year, and be victorious every year. It is hoped that employees can achieve the growth of talents and careers in the company, and at the same time contribute to the company becoming a first-class intelligent manufacturing and service company.

We keep our promise and meet employees on their birthdays in the fourth quarter!