BSC Technology’s 2021 management trainee training ●Integration activities

On the midsummer day of July, students leave school and new people are welcomed into the workplace. As the hot summer days are approaching, Boshuo Technology welcomes the 2021 management trainees. The recruitment of management trainees has injected fresh blood into the company, making the company still full of vigor and vitality in this hot summer.

The 2021 management trainees are named the "Bo Rui Class", which means the future elites of Boshuo Technology. At the same time, the company also hopes that the management trainees can show the courage to move forward as new youths in Boshuo Technology and achieve success in Boshuo Technology. Talents and careers grow together.

Boshuo Technology attaches great importance to the cultivation and construction of talents. In order to help the 2021 management trainees grow quickly, integrate into the company faster, understand the company's corporate culture and company profile, clarify job responsibilities, and become familiar with daily work standards; help management trainees in the workplace To enhance awareness and strengthen professional skills, and build a high-quality talent echelon for the company, Boshuo Technology has formulated a training plan for the 2021 management trainees.

The training of management trainees in the "Bo Rui Class" is divided into three major parts: centralized training, workshop internship, and on-the-job internship. Three major sections run through it vertically and horizontally: promoting integration - team building activities strengthen team communication and collaboration; promoting growth - improving communication skills and quickly changing mentality to become a professional; strengthening professionalism - deepening knowledge, familiarity and understanding of the business processes of various departments of the company.

Promote integration - team building activities strengthen team communication and collaboration
In the early stage of the training, the Human Resources Department organized a series of team-building activities and distributed specific corporate culture shirts and exquisite gifts to the management trainees. Through team-building games, communication among management trainees has been strengthened, management trainees' teamwork skills have been cultivated, and management trainees have been promoted to integrate into the big family of Boshuo Technology more quickly.

At the same time, in order to improve the team cohesion and execution ability of management trainees and enhance team spirit, the company specially invited Wang Jun, the security captain of the Administration Department, to organize corporate military training.

Help growth—improve communication skills and quickly change your mindset to become a professional
For this training course, Mr. Yang, Director of the Human Resources Administration Department, was specially invited to bring the course "Campus People to Business People". Mr. Yang discussed the nature of the company, the difference between campus people and business people, qualified business people, and how to adapt quickly. This training was carried out in multiple dimensions such as role change, explaining in a simple and easy-to-understand manner how to apply theory into practice, and telling everyone to improve communication efficiency and communication skills while changing their mentality. Mr. Yang actively interacted with the management trainees at the scene.

At the same time, the head of the Human Resources Department, Ouyang, was invited to give the management trainees a class on "Career Planning". Ouyang imparted experience on how newcomers in the workplace can quickly integrate into the team and how to start working quickly.

Strong professionalism - deepen cognition, familiarity and understanding of the business processes of various departments of the company
Liao Qun, system engineer of the General Manager's Office, Luo Yongfeng, deputy manager of the First Department of Engineering, and Huo Yongfang, manager of the Supply Chain Management Office, respectively brought courses related to "ISO Basic Knowledge", "Product Process Flow", and "Business Process of the Supply Chain Management Office", combining The actual situation of Boshuo Technology was introduced in detail, and the company's business processes were introduced to help management trainees understand the business management of various departments of Boshuo Technology.

During the free time of organizing training, the Human Resources Department organized the management trainees to visit various departments of the company. The management trainees had cordial and friendly communication with the department heads of the departments they were about to join.

The training of management trainees in the "Bo Rui Class" is proceeding in an orderly manner. I believe that after a series of study and training, the management trainees will have a deeper understanding of the company's overall business and the business processes of each department. Boshuo Technology will also be able to cultivate leading talents with “strong professionalism and strong capabilities”.

Management trainees in the "BoRui Class", you are in your prime at the right time. You have added fresh blood and vitality to BoShuo Technology. Youth and dreams go hand in hand, and Boshuo and ideals advance together. I hope that you can meet a better version of yourself on the big stage of Boshuo Technology. Do not forget your original intention, work together, and open up a new chapter for your dreams and the mission of Boshuo Technology. Journey!

May you in the future be more knowledgeable and move forward wisely.